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Saturday, July 11, 2009

WHERE: United Church of Rodgers Park
1545 W. Morse- Overdier Hall, 3rd Floor
Rogers Park

WHEN: 2 to 6 PM

WHAT: How One Village Pain & Stress AcuCenters Can
Revolutionize Global Healthcare and Heal The Planet

Bring your pain and stress and see it disappear...FREE

To reserve your seat, or for more information:

CALL: 708-466-7501

Holopathic Hand Therapy Demonstration

Dr. Frank explains why women and children 1st

Dr. Frank explains the rudder effect...

Diabetes Treatment using first hand healing. See this example

How To Be A U.S.Barefoot Doctor

How to be a U.S. Barefoot DoctorHow to be a

U.S. Barefoot Doctor

A certification program for learning to treat multiple patients in any setting with Chinese Medicine


  • How to quickly and accurately diagnose and treat 3-10 patients and hour

  • How to administrate a successful Community Acupuncture clinic

  • How to speak to and interact with lay patients and other medical professionals

Clinical skills:

  • Refine pivotal skills for diagnosis and treatment of pain and stress

  • Learn Teishin Therapy for patients who are afraid of needles

  • Learn Microsystems of the hand, scalp and ear

  • Memorize and practice time-tested protocols for the treatment of pain and stress

  • Learn and practice manual therapies like Pointing therapy and Tui-na

Administrative skills:

  • How to present to any audience, write an article and offer a class in your community

  • How to set up a Community Acupuncture clinic in any location

  • How to empower patients to help themselves between treatments

Barefoot Dr. Training Includes:

Core curriculum:

  • Community Acupuncture practice and administration

  • How to be a Barefoot Dr. in the U.S.

  • Presentation, Communication and Teacher Training Skills

  • Business and Ethics

Elective courses:

  • Microsystems for rapid treatment

    • Auricular Therapy

    • Soo Ji Hand Therapy

    • Scalp Therapy

  • I Ching for Practitioners of TCM

  • Teishin Therapy and the Eight Extraordinary Vessels

  • ‘Ten Stem’ Theory

  • TCM Diet and Healthy Aging

  • Qigong for Common Patterns in Chronic Disease

Optional training

Students will have the opportunity to do:

  • An externship with an experienced practitioner / mentor in a local venue practicing the Barefoot Dr. model of Community Acupuncture

  • An advanced externship on a rural hospital in Guatemala

  • An advanced externship in Guangzhou, China

Barefoot Dr. Training is open to:

  • Chinese medical practitioners and students

  • Massage therapists and body-workers*

*Curriculum and certification differs slightly for practitioners not licensed to use acupuncture needles. To see curriculum for massage therapists and body-workers, go to ‘Barefoot Dr. Training program’.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Dr. Frank & Dr. Ayo Maat on Radio from the Heartland 4th of July Barefoot Doctor & disability green medicine


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  1. That's a pretty interesting perspective on medical remedies. It seems like there is a focus in this medical society on naturalistic and holistic diagnosis and treatment. I find a lot of that sort of medicine fascinating. I wonder how much more it will become integrated into medicine as time goes on because of societies like this.