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Saturday, July 11, 2009

WHERE: United Church of Rodgers Park
1545 W. Morse- Overdier Hall, 3rd Floor
Rogers Park

WHEN: 2 to 6 PM

WHAT: How One Village Pain & Stress AcuCenters Can
Revolutionize Global Healthcare and Heal The Planet

Bring your pain and stress and see it disappear...FREE

To reserve your seat, or for more information:

CALL: 708-466-7501

Holopathic Hand Therapy Demonstration

Dr. Frank explains why women and children 1st

Dr. Frank explains the rudder effect...

Diabetes Treatment using first hand healing. See this example

How To Be A U.S.Barefoot Doctor

How to be a U.S. Barefoot DoctorHow to be a

U.S. Barefoot Doctor

A certification program for learning to treat multiple patients in any setting with Chinese Medicine


  • How to quickly and accurately diagnose and treat 3-10 patients and hour

  • How to administrate a successful Community Acupuncture clinic

  • How to speak to and interact with lay patients and other medical professionals

Clinical skills:

  • Refine pivotal skills for diagnosis and treatment of pain and stress

  • Learn Teishin Therapy for patients who are afraid of needles

  • Learn Microsystems of the hand, scalp and ear

  • Memorize and practice time-tested protocols for the treatment of pain and stress

  • Learn and practice manual therapies like Pointing therapy and Tui-na

Administrative skills:

  • How to present to any audience, write an article and offer a class in your community

  • How to set up a Community Acupuncture clinic in any location

  • How to empower patients to help themselves between treatments

Barefoot Dr. Training Includes:

Core curriculum:

  • Community Acupuncture practice and administration

  • How to be a Barefoot Dr. in the U.S.

  • Presentation, Communication and Teacher Training Skills

  • Business and Ethics

Elective courses:

  • Microsystems for rapid treatment

    • Auricular Therapy

    • Soo Ji Hand Therapy

    • Scalp Therapy

  • I Ching for Practitioners of TCM

  • Teishin Therapy and the Eight Extraordinary Vessels

  • ‘Ten Stem’ Theory

  • TCM Diet and Healthy Aging

  • Qigong for Common Patterns in Chronic Disease

Optional training

Students will have the opportunity to do:

  • An externship with an experienced practitioner / mentor in a local venue practicing the Barefoot Dr. model of Community Acupuncture

  • An advanced externship on a rural hospital in Guatemala

  • An advanced externship in Guangzhou, China

Barefoot Dr. Training is open to:

  • Chinese medical practitioners and students

  • Massage therapists and body-workers*

*Curriculum and certification differs slightly for practitioners not licensed to use acupuncture needles. To see curriculum for massage therapists and body-workers, go to ‘Barefoot Dr. Training program’.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Barefoot Medicine Goes Digital

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Dr. Yurasek has trained extensively in the U.S., as well as hospitals in Beijing, Tai An, and Guangzhao, China, as well as Tokyo, Japan. He has taught tens of thousands, one on one, in class rooms, drug clinics, community centers, and on the internet, how to treat the whole body from the hand, using a special Korean Hand Therapy called "Sujee." He has also used and taught the Ear Reflexology System for stress, working for 16 years at Northern Illinois Council for Alcohol and Substance Abuse, working with addicts, alcoholics, violent offenders, and homeless women, developing a special program called Taking Effective Control, which was the basis for his Ph.D. dissertation.

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  1. Dr. Yurasek has one of the most peaceful auras I have ever seen or felt. He beams with Light and reflects pure spiritual thought. His intentions are selfless. It is a pleasure to know him. Although the religion that I practice does not recommend alternative health practices such as acupuncture and teaches pure reliance on spiritual healing, I took Sujee hand therapy training and watched as he demonstrated medical Qigong. Awesome, healing, noninvasive, and spiritually uplifting. I have practiced Qigong through two teachers, one who taught at Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago and Jeff Primack of the Qigong Science Institute. It is enlightening to see the universe as a microcosm within the hands and feel the Presence and be present with the Lord, not just talking or thinking about Him. Metaphysics is a wonderful expression of the highest ideals, thoughts and actions whether one practices through Sujee, Qigong, Science of Mind, Christian Science, meditation, prayer or just pure knowing. We do not reach the Creator through idle thought or thinking one is superior to others when we are all united in equal Love. Of course, no name can ever truly describe the Most High in His entirety. His ways or the Way that the Master Teacher Jesus taught when he took on the mantle of the Christ, as we all must do eventually, cannot be relegated to human understanding. We are falsely led to believe that a handful of men and women are given the authority of the Creator to rule over an entire world or planetary systems. We SHOULD NOT give up our birthright and power to live freely in Love, Peace and Abundance in a royal family to dogmas and terrors of rulers of darkness, lower animal nature, false ideas of racial and gender superiority, ill will, ill health, and misconceptions of the Truth about our place in the world. The clashes between corporate wealth and common needs, the perceptions of non-believers deflect from our purpose of being. Many struggle to feel worthy and valued though depression invades their thoughts. No false ideal or condition can ever change the Love that God has for us. We are/were created in the image and likeness of God. We can practice our divinity whether through Science of Mind, New thought, metaphysics, Christian Science, Religious Science, Qigong, prayer, spiritualizing our thought, striving to do good, or just touching on heaven. Heaven is not a physical place nor a place only for devout Christians, Jews, Hindus or Muslims, but can be reached by anyone who discovers and practices the Truth of being NOW. For some it is abundant joy, freedom from debt, undying (divine) love (not just human affection), freedom to live free, and wisdom to solve or dissolve problems. For others, it may just be the freedom to walk through their neighborhood shielded from gun violence. The media and politics keep the focus on electing Hillary as the first woman president of America, the land of the I Am Race (rearrange the letters in America). However, I AM grateful and forever thankful to 3 great women, who would make excellent leaders of this nation: Mary Baker Eddy, founder of Christian Science, based on discovery of The Way and Science that Jesus taught, Congressman Shirley Chisholm; and my still living CS practitioner. As for great men to lead this nation who are still living on this plane of activity, despite the resistance to the good they would bring, they are Bernie Sanders and William Dock Walls III. Is Walls perfect? Yes, spiritually. Could he defeat Hillary or Trump? With the prevailing thought that one needs approval of the two major parties plus billions to finance his campaign? No. People cannot bask in the Light they do not see or feel. My mother would have loved Dr. Yurasek. She could be considerd a barefoot healer. She wore no shoes in the house. She had healing hands and a healing voice without special training in healing. She sang Gospel. All good that God has is available to those who obey the Law (universal Law) and seek the kingdom, which is their birthright right now. Asé. Love and Peace, Maat